Fifty Fashion Facts

Fashion has a long standing history and with it comes many interesting facts. We have complied a list of fifty of them that we found most interesting.

1. The origin of neck ties: They were first worn in Croatia; that’s why they were called cravats.

2. The low-hanging baggy pants style originated in the prisons of Los Angeles, because inmates were not allowed to wear belts.

3. Napoleon Bonaparte decreed that buttons needed to be attached to jacket sleeves to stop soldiers from wiping their runny noses on their jacket sleeves.

“12 Interesting Facts About Fashion.”

4. A person collecting Neckties is known as a Grabatologist.

5. The forerunners of our modern designer fragrance were ancient Egyptians. In ancient Egypt, wealthy women placed scented grease cones on top of their heads. The grease melted during the course of the day, covering their skin and clothes with an oily fragrance.

6. Sneakers were first produced in 1800. They had a simple rubber sole design and the name sneaker comes from the fact that their soles are smooth, that they hardly make a sound on the ground. “Keds” was the first company to produce sneakers followed by “Converse” in the year 1917.

all star, blue, converse, green, keds, peach.”

7. The invention of the automobile had a significant influence on women’s fashion. In the 1900s, skirts became shorter to enable women to step into automobiles more easily.

8. In 1922, a Washington DC law required bathing suits to be no shorter than 6 inches above the knee. You were arrested if your skirt was shorter.

9. In Carmel, New York a man can’t go outside if his jacket and pants don’t match.

10. 215 pair of jeans can be made with one bale of cotton.

“Stack of jeans isolated on white background.” 123RF

11. In Canada alone, each person creates about 7 kilograms of textile waste that fills our landfills.

12. We can attribute the little black dress to Coco Chanel. This garment is an ingenious creation of simplicity and elegance.

“National Little Black Dress Day.” Little Black Dress Club

13. Georgio Armani established a new standard of understated elegance: relaxed designs for men and masculine, easy-fit designer clothes for women, precisely cut and beautifully tailored.

14. The Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani quickly became known for his amazing red dresses, all in a bright shade of red, which became known in the fashion industry as “Valentino red”.

“Valentino Long Red Sleevless Dress.” LYST

15. NYC was the first City to organize a Fashion Week in 1943. Fashion publicist Elenor Lamberwanted to give American Fashion Designers a chance to showcase their work and compete against the more established European Elite.

16. There are about 40 fashion weeks in different cities around the world every year, but the four biggest are in New York, London, Milan and Paris. They are the most prestigious each year; New York is first, followed by London, Milan and Paris.

17. Each fashion week has more than 100 events and the top designers will showcase their collection including shoes by designer during the main week and the smaller labels before or after. The events include runway shows, gala dinners and charity events.

18. Fashion Weeks originally where trade-only events for buyers and manufacturers. This has changed and they are now highly publicized events which attract celebrities and the “creme de la creme” from all over the world.

19. The modern era of perfume began in 1921 with Coco Chanel’s launch of Chanel No. 5, an exotic floral blend, created by Ernest Beaux.

“Chanel 5.” Perfumes

20. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen named their clothing line, “Elizabeth and James,” after their younger sister and older brother.

“Elizabeth and James.”

21. Marc Jacobs is currently the Creative Director at Louis Vuitton, a position he has held since 1996.

“Louis Vuitton.” Tumblr

22. The first issue of Vogue was published on December 17, 1892.

23. Tom Ford, an American designer, was hired by Gucci in 1990 and soon became the label’s chief director. After Gucci acquired the house of Yves St. Laurent, Ford became the Creative Director for that label as well. In 2004, Ford left both labels to start his own.

24. The skirt is the second oldest women’s garment in history.

25. Marc Jacobs has a ton of tattoos. His exclusive tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, has applied the following images to MJ’s body: an M&M’s character, SpongeBob SquarePants, a Simpsons-style portrait of Marc himself, a couch, and the phrases “Shameless,” “Bros before Hoes,” and “Perfect.”

“Marc Jacob Tattoos.” Stylelite

26. German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, was almost the victim of a kidnapping that was part of an elaborate group called Red Army Faction (RAF) which was a German gang.

27. The first pair of Doc Martens were made from old tires.

“My Shoes Obsession.” ShacklingBrawn

28. The crocodile of “Lacoste” was the first brand name to appear as a logo on a garment.


29. In 1997, PETA pressure group members dumped animal guts on Givenchy‘s Paris boutique doorstep after the fashion house’s designer, Alexander McQueen, used animal and bird heads in his catwalk show.

30. For a short time, some Christian Louboutin shoes were available with baby blue soles. Intended to provide the “something blue” for brides-to-be, these creations were only available via special order, and were very short-lived. Production was eventually stopped due to trademark issues.

“Chrostian Louboutin.” Wikipedia

31. Fashion designers of the 1500s showed their designs by crafting doll clothes versions of their fashions and taking them to shows.

32. In 2011, Marc Jacobs was ranked 12th on Out magazine’s annual list of “50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.”

33. Giorgio Armani’s power suit design for women and men in the 1980s suited the economic boom years and he featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Only one other fashion designer,Christian Dior, achieved this before him.

34. Men were the first to wear jewelry as a status symbol and as good luck amulets to aid them in battle.

35. In 1939, New York City Mayor, Fiorello LaGuardia, ordered this type of panty known today as the “thong,” to cover up on city’s exotic dancers.

“Hanky Panky low-rise thongs.” The Plaid Suitcase

36. In the 1500′s fashion designers showed off their designs by making doll size clothing versions of their own fashions. They would take their designs to shows in doll size mannequins.

37. Within the past 200 years, children have had clothes distinct from those of adults. Children would wear adult clothing, just smaller in size.

38. Many celebrity men wear beards now. However, if they had lived in Russia when Peter the Great was the star they would have paid a special tax for their beards. This tax was introduced to make Russian men shave their beards and look in a more European way.

“Peter The Great.” TVtropes

39. Hand-made items are considered very fashionable and valuable now because these are absolutely exclusive. But up to 1850, 70% of people used to make clothing for themselves. Fashion was not important, comfort was what mattered.

40. Short haircuts are pretty ordinary nowadays and no one gets surprised when a girl with short hair passes him by. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been always like this. Some time ago only unfaithful wives used to wear short hair. The hair was cut short to mark the stamp of infamy.

41. You might have noticed that being pregnant is very popular in Hollywood now. However, this trend is not new actually. In the 15th century pregnancy was so fashionable that girls who didn’t expect babies used to put small pillows under their clothing to create the illusion of baby-bumps.

“Angelina Jolie pregnant black dress brown hair.” Posh 24

42. Today natural bushy eye brows are in vogue, but during the Renaissance period “fashionistas” used to shave their brows off.

43. Back in the 1930′s, women in Bermuda were forbidden to show their thighs in public. Female visitors and local residents wanted to wear shorts so they simply lengthened the length of their shorts to the knee to cover their thighs.

“Women’s Bermuda Shorts.” Myspace

44. False eyelashes were invented for Hollywood producer D.W. Griffith who wanted to enhance Seena Owen‘s eyes for a 1916 film. The eyelashes were made out of real human hair.

45. Throughout the different eras, women applied color to their faces by many different means. In Cleopatra‘s time, berries and other natural ingredients were used to enhance the face. Nowadays different ingredients are used in the making of colors for the face. Today’s average woman uses 6 pounds of lipstick in a year but few of them know that one ingredient frequently used in manufacturing lipsticks is fish scales.

“Cleopatra.” LadyFabuloux

46. The oldest son of Charles XIII, Prince Philip of Calabria, loved gloves so much that he sometimes wore 16 pairs at a time. And, at the end of the 15th century, Charles VIII of France tried to find more comfortable shoes for his feet, one of which had 6 toes. He had shoes designed with a square toe, which came to popularity immediately after he began wearing them.

47. Marie Antoinette was modest about her body so she wore gowns which buttoned all the way up to the top of the neck. She was so modest, in fact, that she wore these gowns even while bathing.

“Marie Antoinette.” Wikipedia

48. Elizabeth I loved hats so much that she made it mandatory for all females over the age of 7 to wear a hat on Sundays and holidays. Anyone who refused to do so was stiffly fined.

49. Perfume is an over $10 million dollar industry. It’s been used as far back as the AncientEgyptians, who used it in religious rituals.

50. The bra was created by a young New York socialite named Mary Phelps who grew weary of having her camisole show when she wore a lace blouse. Using handkerchiefs, she designed the first rudimentary bra which she had patented in 1914. Women everywhere loved Mary’s new design and the first bra took off in a big way. It was later that a woman named Ida Rosenthaldesigned bras with different cup sizes.



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